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Join the Center for Campus Wellness in a celebration of wellness that is centered around you, the student!

Each year, the Center for Campus Wellness offers wellness opportunities beyond health education. Last year’s Wellness Fair sparked minds and created space to have dialogue around health, wellness, safety, and equity. This year we want to continue and expand that conversation through the lens of Center for Campus Wellness’ student leaders.

During Wellness Fair week, we turn to our ACES and Engagement Ambassadors to lead events centered around their areas of focus: sexual wellness, mental wellness, identities (masculinities), AOD (alcohol and other drug) harm reduction, and violence prevention. Our hope is that each event not only provides an opportunity for learning and engaging discussion, but also to connect with one another and build community.


wellness fair kickoff flyer

We would like to hear from you about your wellness journey!

Anonymously share your experience with wellness and safety to be entered into a raffle for a wellness care package! Submissions due before Friday, Nov. 12th, at 11:59PM for raffle entry.


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sex education screening and discussion

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We want you to get involved! You can serve as a Wellness Fair Ambassador! We have curated a toolkit filled with marketing assets.

The link to access the toolkit will take you to the UBox.


Wellness Services & Resources

STI Testing

Regular testing is important to take care of your sexual wellbeing. Some STIs, if left untreated, may result in health complications, so it’s important to get tested regularly. We recommend people who have sex to get tested every 3-6 months, before having sex with a new partner, or after unprotected sex. Regular testing is a great way to care for the physical health of your body and that of your sexual partner(s). 

There are community services that provides testing for free or low-cost in addition to our free HIV testing and free STI Clinics!  

Utah AIDS Foundation is currently providing low-cost at-home testing for HIV. They are also providing free in-person testing by appointment.  

Planned Parenthood and other healthcare clinics provide testing for many different STIs. Talk to your doctor or call Planned Parenthood to make an appointment. You can also call your insurance (see the back of your insurance card for their phone number) to see how much the visit and tests will cost.  

Utah Department of Health also provides low-cost testing. See their website for tests available, cost, and clinic times.  

To learn more about STIs and why testing is important, see our HIV/STIs page.

Flu Shots

Getting your flu shot, this year more than any other, is incredibly important for your safety and that of your friends and family. There are many places you can get your flu shot for low-cost or free, as most insurance companies will cover the vaccine and co-pay entirely. Here’s a quick list:  Smith’s Marketplace: find a Smith’s pharmacy near you and schedule an appointment or walk-in to get your flu shot. 

  • Walgreens Pharmacy: find a pharmacy near you and schedule an appointment or walk-in to get your flu shot.  
  • Harmon’s Pharmacy: all Harmon’s (except Emigration) offer flu shots by appointment or walk-in.  
  • Student Health Center: flu shots are also available by appointment with the SHC. With no insurance, flu shots are $25. With the Student Health Insurance Plan, they are free.  
  • Salt Lake County Immunization Clinic: For flu shots.
    Many other grocery stores (like Walmart or Target), pharmacies (Rite Aid, CVS), and your doctor provide flu shots! Next time you go shopping, keep your eyes peeled for a pharmacy window or flu shot sign.  

Learn more about flu shots (including the difference between the flu and COVID-19)

Mental Health Support

University Counseling Center (UCC) will provide depression screenings and other support at Wellness Fair's Tuesday event. We're also listing out current ways you can engage with UCC if you need them! Counseling services are free.

  • Not sure if you need support? Take a free and anonymous virtual screening. These brief screenings are the quickest way to determine if you or someone you care about should connect with a behavioral health professional.
  • Are you in crisis? If you need immediate support, call UCC at 801.581.6826.
  • If you want to schedule a time to meet with a counselor, call UCC. They will find a day and time that works for you. The intake with a counselor will occur over Zoom.
  • Visit their page to read tips on Coping with COVID-19 Uncertainty.
  • For after hours crisis support please call UNI CrisisLine: 801-587-3000.

Physical Health at Campus Rec

University of Utah's Campus Recreation offers  multiple programs for students to build skills and community and to engage in an outlet of discovery and expression.

Outdoor Adventure Clinics, 6pm, FREE

From backpacking packing to avalanche first aid, Outdoor Adventures is offering 9 free clinics this semester to help you feel more comfortable exploring our beautiful state! Learn more, see clinic dates and descriptions at

Next Clinics:

11/8: What is Gear? Trad Climbing

11/15: Building Climbing Anchors

11/18: After the Avalanche, First Aid for Victims

Fit3D Body Scanning

Are you ready to visualize your progress at the gym or with your home workouts? Now you can track all your measurements, body composition and even your posture - in only 35 seconds! Introducing the Fit3D scanner, a non-invasive body scanner that will help track your health and fitness goals over time. Located in the Student Life Center, the Fit3D scanner is quick, easy, and private. See drop-in clinic dates and purchase your scan package at!

SENDsations Climbing Competition | 11/8-20, $10

There is still time to register! All levels and abilities welcome! Learn more and register

Bob Ross Paint Along, November 16, 6pm

Join us for a soothing evening as Bob Ross takes you through a socially-distanced paint-along night. All supplies are provided. $10, register here.


If you're looking for other wellness-related resources, peruse the wheel below to find on-campus options. 

Wellness Wheel


This dimension of wellness encourages creative and stimulating mental activities. Our minds need to be inspired and active just as our bodies do. Being open-minded whenencountering new ideas, embracing challenges, and seeking out lifelong learning opportunities cultivate our intellectual wellness. Try learning a new language,reading, doing puzzles or build a new hobby to foster this dimension.

Learning Center


This dimension encourages us to develop a set of guiding beliefs, values, and principles that provide meaning and purpose to live our lives more authentically. Living in harmony with these values allows us to be more spiritually well and can be embodied in many ways including relaxation, meditation, yoga, volunteering, nature, the arts, music, prayer, religion and more.

UCC Mindfulness Center


This dimension involves living a life that is in harmony with our natural world and minimizes our harm to the environment. Engaging in socially responsible actions to conserve and protect the earth, reducing our ecological footprint and finding opportunities to enjoy our natural surroundings boosts our environmental wellness. This dimension also includes our social and built environment such as the safety of our neighborhoods and the organization of our homes and workspaces.

Sustainability Office


This dimension of wellness includes a number of protective behaviors including being physically active, eating well, getting enough sleep, attending routine medical check-ups and screenings, and engaging in safer sex. It also includes trying reducing harm as we can with behaviors related to alcohol and other drugs and sex.

Campus Recreation Services

Student Health Center


This dimension is our ability to acknowledge and share our feelings in a constructive way. Focusing on self-care, self-acceptance and recognizing the spectrum of emotions we can experience allows us to build our emotional intelligence so that we can cope with life's experiences in a healthy way and seek additional support when we are in need.

Counseling Center

Women's Resource Center


This dimension focuses on our ability to relate, connect and build relationships with others. Establishing and maintaining healthy relationships with peers, partners, colleagues, family and friends contributes to our social wellness. This means building communication skills and trust, creating healthy boundaries and managing conflicts to help us create a supportive social network.

ASUU Student Organizations

Bennion Center


This dimension consists of learning and understanding how to successfully manage financial expenses. Our finances can be a common stressor during our college years with juggling student loans, bills, and other financial obligations. Learning how to build a budget and develop smart financial habits can help reduce financial burdens and improve our financial wellness.

Financial Aid

Financial Wellness Center

Basic Needs Center



This dimension focuses on finding personal fulfillment in our work or chosen career path. Our desire to make a positive impact in the organizations we work while finding balance between work, home and our personal lives supports this dimension. Utilizing our strengths and talents, and cultivating the growth of new skills, as we explore various career options and opportunities supports our development.

Career and Professional Development Center



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