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The Center for Campus Wellness is an office housed within Student Affairs.

In 2018, the Center for Campus Wellness was established as its own independent wellness office. Our team consists of prevention specialists, educators, victim-survivor advocates, and a cohort of students who provide comprehensive wellness and safety services to the campus community. Established in 1988 as the Alcohol and Drug Education program, this Center has since evolved, developed and expanded to better serve the campus community through the commitment of being the primary education and wellness resource office for the University of Utah.

We offer wellness education, trainings and workshops, victim-survivor advocacy services and support, STI/HIV testing for students, and student involvement opportunities.


Our mission is to support student well-being and success through holistic and inclusive programs that center wellness, safety, and healing. We believe that wellness and safety is foundational for success and that equitable access to inclusive wellness services, education and support will create a more resilient, thriving University of Utah. We exist to promote campus wellbeing, provide support for victims and survivors of interpersonal violence, and engage the next generation in creating a more well, just and empowered campus community.

Land Acknowledgment

We live on stolen land that is now considered Utah. Eastern Shoshone, Goshute, Ute, Paiute, and Navajo peoples were—and continue to be—caring stewards of this land. We acknowledge that forced displacement, violence, and ongoing colonialism marginalizes or erases Indigenous People's experiences and stories from the larger narrative of Utah.

We seek to honor and respect the diverse Utah Indigenous Peoples through education and engagement. Specifically, we commit to learning about their history and contemporary experiences. We also commit to exploring collaborative opportunities and working alongside the University's Indigenous community to provide relevant, accessible and equitable services and programs.

Interested in learning more?

The American Indian Resource Center exists to support our American Indian students through increased visibility and advocacy. Visit their website here. To learn about Indigenous land you reside on, take action to support Indigenous peoples, and/or learn about how to return stolen land, visit Native Governance Center.


Read our latest 2019-2020 Annual Report here

Our 2018-2019 Annual Report can be found here

Read the latest 2021-2022 Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Regulations Biennial Review here

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The Center for Campus Wellness is committed to the well-being of our entire community. Stay informed about how our campus is responding with resources to support your journey.

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