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The Center for Student Wellness provides trainings and workshops for students, faculty and staff. Participants leave with practical skills and a better understanding of how to create a healthier and safer campus community.

Currently, we have a few options for workshop delivery: live via Zoom or pre-recorded. Keep reading for more information!

live via zoom

Request an online, live, interactive workshop for your group! All of our workshops listed at the bottom of this page are available at this time.


Request a pre-recorded workshop by our ACES Peer Health Educators. The following workshops are currently available. UBox links to the recordings will be sent via email.

  • Mission and Services
  • Challenging Rape Culture
  • Let’s Talk About Sex
  • Safer Party Culture

Check back later for more options, like our Healthy Relationship series and Check on U-Tah Bystander Intervention course!


Discussion Guide - Whether live or pre-recorded, workshops can include an accompanying discussion guide to involve audience members in critical thinking and personal reflection. This is a great option for larger classes, and can be paired with an assignment to ensure completion.

Follow-up Live Discussion - You will also have the opportunity to host a follow-up discussion led by our ACES peer health educators. This discussion will be a free-flow dialogue on the critical pieces of the workshop. This is a great option for pre-recorded workshops. Attendance can be optional or mandatory for your group. This is also a great way to offer extra credit!

Unsure which option is best for your group? See our Workshops and Training Flow Chart

workshops & trainings

Please note, we need 2 weeks to process workshop requests and priority will be given to University of Utah student audiences (e.g., classroom requests, student groups). We can accommodate other requests on a case by case basis. Please email with any questions!

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Workshops with our ACES logo are led by our ACES peer health educators.
Mission and services

20 minutes

What is the Center for Student Wellness? Who are we? How can we support you? In this short presentation, we will cover our mission, services, opportunities to get involved with our office, and more!

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check on u-tah: building community through Bystander Intervention 

75 minutes

Check on U-Tah empowers students to check on their community members and prevent harm from occurring. This workshop will discuss how biases, social norms, & everyday barriers (e.g., technology, distractions) perpetuate harm and prevent community support. Through dialogue, interactive practice, and self-reflection, participants will leave the workshop with increased abilities in being a good community member, noticing harm, and holding one another accountable.

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Check on u-tah Train-the-Trainer

10 hours

Facilitate Check on U-Tah for your student organization, club, or group. This program includes 4 hours of pre-work via Canvas prior to two 3-hour in-person sessions. Read more here.

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50 - 75 minutes

Come follow a relationship, any relationship, through its natural trajectory. Whether it be a casual hook-up, a blossoming friendship, a spicy pleasure-affair, or a committed partnership, we will identify what makes a relationship “healthy.” This includes what you want out of your relationships and the important role self-care, pleasure, communication, and consent plays in all relationships.

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50 - 75 minutes

"It's not you, it's me." Ahh, the less popular, and still important, part of a relationship... Breakin' up, dumping, calling it quits, ghosting - whatever terminology you use, we'll cover the how-tos. This workshop will also cover self-care, pink and red flags of unhealthy relationships, and safety. We'll give you time to practice the actual art of breakin' up, too!

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Let's talk about sex

50 minutes

Come get the sex-ed you wish you had in high school! Learn about healthy communication strategies, consent, pleasure, protection methods, STI prevention and treatment, and more. Available as a live virtual or pre-recorded workshop.

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Safe(r) Party Culture

50 minutes
Alcohol and drug misuse can have lasting impacts on your wellness. Learning about low-risk use and how to create a safer party culture will empower you to make safer decisions around drugs and alcohol. Available as a live virtual or pre-recorded workshop.


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Challenging Rape Culture

50 minutes

Learn how rape culture exists in our society, methods to unlearn harmful myths, and the reality of sexual violence on college campuses. Available as a live virtual or pre-recorded workshop.

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Wellness Advocate Training - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE 

120 minutes

Become a certified Wellness Advocate! A Wellness Advocate is aware of campus resources, practices empathetic communication, and connects their peers to the appropriate supports. In this training, you’ll familiarize yourself with the resources the U has to offer, practice communication skills, and learn how to empathize and refer your peers when they’re in need of support.

Please keep an eye on our Event Page for any changes to upcoming trainings.

Compassionate Responses to Disclosures of Interpersonal Violence

75 minutes

It can be difficult to know what to do and how to feel when someone shares with you that they have experienced or are  experiencing interpersonal violence such as sexual assault, domestic or dating violence, sexual harassment, or stalking. This presentation will help participants answer the following questions:

  • How does interpersonal violence (IPV) impact wellness?
  • How can I best respond when someone discloses IPV to me? What should I say? What shouldn’t I say?
  • When IPV is disclosed, who needs to report what, where?
  • What resources are available for survivors?
  • How can I take care of myself?

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supporting students in distress

Faculty and Staff

120 minutes

Students today experience a variety of stressful situations throughout their college years. In this workshop, learn how to best support students in distress, empower them to regain control, and learn more about how to refer students to helpful resources on campus. In partnership with the Office of the Dean of Students and the University Counseling Center.

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To request a workshop, please complete the information form below. Please note:

  • All requests must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the date of the intended program.
  • A minimum of 6 participants must be attending.
  • Workshop priority goes to University of Utah students (e.g., classroom, student groups, student employment), however we can facilitate workshops for staff and faculty. Understand there may be a longer wait, so please include multiple date options.

If your group cannot accommodate one or more of the requests above, please email us:

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