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Our mission is to adhere to the needs and desires of our students in recovery at the University of Utah while offering support and guidance through each student’s academic journey. We vow to protect each student’s confidentiality with the utmost respect. We’re here to help navigate each student in their recovery by implementing the necessary steps for individualized recovery to ensure the best and brightest future possible.




Recovery at the U acknowledges and empathizes with a students difficult challenges that involve academic, social, emotional and physical demands. Our hopes are not only to alleviate the stressors associated with those demands but to replace old coping mechanisms with healthy alternatives. We will be hosting a number of student centered activities. Activities that offer a variety of positive communal expansion to grow and surpass ones limitations. Experiencing substantial joy beyond the substance of psychoactive drugs.  

We believe in cultivating a healthy relationship with ourselves and our community. Often times the two are one in the same. By getting outside of ourselves we may objectively visualize a more altruistic world that correlates with our very own self-love, care and respect. We will provide opportunities to serve others in our community that may be experiencing conditional hardships that will be met with our unconditional acts of service.  

A collective group of students who have similar experiences of alcohol/drug abuse as well as dependencies that are relatable to one another. The group is student ran and staff facilitated. Offering a safe environment for conducting emotional and practical support for everyone attending the group while respecting the anonymity of everyone. Allowing staff and students to have the opportunity to share, listen and be heard. The group fosters a level of comfort that is often challenging to find in a stigmatized world. Here we offer the option to talk openly about the challenges of living through substance abuse/addiction. We exchange thoughts and ideas of encouragement towards one another in order to assist each other through individual as well as collective trials. 

Leadership opportunities available

We also offer leadership roles for positions within the community. The rotational positions are delegated and nominated by the participants of the RCSG (Recovery Community Support Group).  

“Pure Support” is another extension of roles that we will offer. Providing those in the community who desire to have extra support from their peers. This role will be that of an accountability mentor who has gone through “SMART” recovery training.  

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Allow us the privilege of assisting you towards your highest level of psychological development. Not only to recognize but also to achieve a level of actualization that can summon dreams into existence. 

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We provide a number of resources and services for the campus community including workshops and trainings, Victim-Survivor advocacy services, STI/HIV testing, student involvement opportunities and more.


A variety of trainings on different health and wellness topics. Participants leave with practical skills and a better understanding of how to create a healthier and safer campus community.



Free and confidential support for students, faculty or staff who have experienced interpersonal violence (rape, sexual assault, stalking, harassment, dating or domestic violence). Located in the Student Services Building.



Drop-in HIV testing in the Student Life Center and mobile gonorrhea/chlamydia testing. Both tests are free for current U students.



Join the Center for Student Wellness in creating a well and thriving campus community! The CSW has a variety of options for students to get involved.