Recovery at the U

About Recovery at the U (RU)

We provide a safe, caring, and affirming space for students who are in recovery or are seeking recovery from substance use. We strive to foster a supportive recovery community where students can feel empowered, resourced, and engaged to achieve academic and personal success.  

We are not a clinical program but rather a recovery support community.

The Beginnings

This Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) all started with students in recovery.  Back in 2016, the CRP was initially funded by in-kind donations and received a grant that was submitted to Transforming Youth in Recovery (TYR) which resulted in $10,000 of funding to begin building a CRP here at the U. In the spring of 2016, Recover at the U (RU) became an official student organization within the university’s ASUU student leadership and involvement program. Beginning in the summer of 2017, Recover at the U’s faculty advisor (Dr. Jason Castillo) and members of leadership began work on seeking state funding by way of 2018 Utah state legislative session. In March of 2018, on the last day of the session, RU was awarded the necessary funds in order to house a CRP to stay, making RU the first CRP in the nation to receive state funding. Jim Carroll, the director of the office of national drug control policy heard about this achievement and personally met with the students and faculty of RU to learn more about who RU is and what RU does. Today, the program continues to evolve as the heart and soul of this cause thrives with each new member to Recovery at the U.

What We Provide

  • Connection to a community of peers in recovery
  • Psychoeducational groups tailored around recovery, healing, and relapse prevention
  • 1:1 meeting with staff from the Recovery at the U program
  • Activities and events
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • & more!

Interested in joining the community?

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Spring Offerings

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Recovery Program Coordinator

Liz Spencer
SSB 330
(801) 581 7776


We provide a number of resources and services for the campus community including workshops and trainings, Victim-Survivor advocacy services, STI/HIV testing, student involvement opportunities and more.


A variety of trainings on different health and wellness topics. Participants leave with practical skills and a better understanding of how to create a healthier and safer campus community.



Free and confidential support for students, faculty or staff who have experienced interpersonal violence (rape, sexual assault, stalking, harassment, dating or domestic violence). Located in the Student Services Building.



Drop-in HIV testing in the Student Life Center and mobile gonorrhea/chlamydia testing. Both tests are free for current U students.



Participant in a one-on-one collaborative conversation where a coach will aid you in achieving your health and wellness goals.  Our wellness coach will help you take small, attainable steps towards improving your wellbeing.