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Next week is Stalking Awareness Week

Next week is Stalking Awareness Week and we are excited to engage with our campus community around this important issue! How much do you know about stalking? Where have you learned about it? For many of us, all we know is what we’ve seen in the media – TV shows, the news, movies and socials  shape our understanding of stalking and much of what we’ve learned is pretty problematic and dangerous.

Through social media and fun campus events, we are hoping to bust myths, boost your awareness of what stalking is and how to prevent it, have conversations about media portrayals of stalking and share out safety and support resources for victims and survivors of stalking.

We hope you’ll join us!

Tabling outside the Marriott Library
Tuesday | 1/25 | 2 - 4pm | Marriott Library Plaza

Come visit us outside of the Marriott Library to learn about our Victim-Survivor Advocacy services and sign Lauren's Promise.

Netflix's "You" Showing & Discussion
Wednesday | 1/26 | 6 - 8pm |Kahlert Village 1115

Come to a screening of the TV show "You" followed by a discussion.

Stalking Awareness Workshop
Friday | 1/28 | 2 - 3pm | Marriott Library 1140

Come learn about information and strategies to identify stalking and support victims.

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