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The pleasure pack delivery service: Making safer sex easy and fun

Have you ever felt like walking into a CVS and picking up some condoms or lube is completely awkward? Well, we’ve got your back! We want to empower everyone to feel confident picking up their safer sex supplies, yet we know it can be intimidating (and expensive!). This is where the Pleasure Pack Delivery Service (PPDS) comes in to play.

First things first, though. Why should we use condoms?

Well, the only form birth control that prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are barrier methods such as condoms or dental dams.  STIs are passed from one partner to another through bodily fluids. These fluids include blood, breast milk, semen, pre-ejaculate (or pre-cum), vaginal fluid, anal fluid. STIs can be transmitted during all different types of sex, including oral, anal, and vaginal. When we are properly and consistently using barrier methods, we significantly decrease the chances of catching or spreading STIs. 

What can I get in a PPDS order? 

Center for Campus Wellness provides free safer sex supplies. Our condom options are:

  • Regular fit external condoms,
  • Snugger-fit external condoms,
  • Extra-large fit external condoms,
  • Latex-free external condoms, and
  • Latex-free internal condoms - inserted inside a vagina or anus instead of placed on a penis or sex toy.

*Make sure to always check your condoms for expiration dates, holes, and do not open with anything but your fingers (please do not use teeth or scissors to open condoms because it may cause a puncher/tear in the condoms). The way to check a condom wrapper for damage is to press the condoms between your fingertips, there should be slip-slide feeling of the lube, and you should also feel a little cushion of air. A little cushion of air or air bubble means that the condom wrapper has not been damaged or punctured. 

In addition to condoms, we also provide oral dams, also known as dental dams. These sheets of latex can be placed over a vulva or anus while performing oral sex. Using an oral dam during oral sex will significantly decrease the chances of catching or spreading STIs. If you are using oral dams, make sure that you do not flip the sheet of latex around!

Finally, in each order, you will receive some water-based lubricant or also known as lube. Lube is great for increasing pleasure during sex, and another bonus lube can help protect you against STIs. When we have penetrative sex and there is not enough lubrication, microtears can occur in the vaginal or anal canal. This allows potential infections to occur more easily. So pairing lube with barrier methods gives you additional protection. 

How do I place an order? 

Once you’ve decided which barrier methods are right for you, you can place your PPDS order. If you are unsure which type of condom or dental dam you might need, feel free to order a couple of different types and try them out.

Please place orders before Tuesdays at 11:59pm to be able to pick up your order on Thursdays. 

Placing an order is super simple. Fill out the form! Be sure to complete the form as best you can. Once complete and submitted, you will then be sent an email with your pack order letter and instructions on how to grab your order. 

More information about safer sex 

If you have any other questions about barrier methods, be sure to check out Planned Parenthood’s educational videos linked below!  

How to put on a condom:

How to use dental dams


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