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What does digital bystander intervention look like?

group of laptops image courtesy of marvin meyer via unsplashIn spirit of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Center for Campus Wellness is leading an educational campaign highlighting various forms of domestic violence. This is the second installment in a series of blog posts focused on understanding and reducing digital abuse. Digital abuse is the use of technology and online platforms to stalk, bully, or threaten another person. While many have heard of bystander intervention, it’s not clear to many as to how to apply these skills in a digital space. Read more to learn about how to step in if you see a loved one or even a stranger experiencing digital abuse. 


Slacktivism is a low effort form of digital bystander intervention. The term is generally reserved for signing online petitions and the re-distribution of social media posts for a political or social cause. However, effective slacktivism can go beyond that. Consider actively disliking, flagging, or reporting digital material that is directly harmful to another individual. Immediately report inappropriate behavior. These are practical ways to employ slacktivism on forum sites and social media sites. 

Healthy & Safe Online Practices

  • Main strong and unique passwords for your social media sites, personal banking sites, and email addresses 
  • Don’t share your or other people’s workplace, educational institution, house address or telephone number online 
  • Report any personal or explicit information, photos, or videos non consensually shared online 
  • Disengage from the online bully or abuser: mute, unfollow, block, or report the abuser to the digital platform 
  • Consider setting up a Google Voice phone number or alternate phone number for added privacy and safety 

If you or a loved one is experiencing any form of domestic violence, please refer to the resources listed below. 

Victim-Survivor Advocacy: 801.581.7776 

Domestic Violence Link Line: 800.897.5465 

#WeAreResilient. #LoveShouldntHurt. 

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