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Well Coaching FAQ

Q: What is Wellness Coaching?

A: A conversation to help you achieve goals related to your health. It’s that simple.

Q: What is the goal of Wellness Coaching?

A: The goal of Wellness Coaching is to help people achieve desired health changes in their lives using behavior changing strategies. Translation: Our goal is your goal.

Q: What happens at a Wellness Coaching session?

A: As Wellness Coaches we try not to just prescribe a textbook health plan to meet your personal goals. We will start by getting to know you and your motivations behind health behavior change and then just see where it goes from there. Be warned: This isn’t a show and tell type session. As Wellness Coaches we understand that being told what to do doesn’t necessarily inspire a lot of motivation for individuals. Instead, we will have a conversation together to navigate a healthy future path that fits your needs and acknowledges your personal obstacles.

Q: Who needs a Wellness Coach?

A: Everyone, no matter their current health status, has the desire to feel happy with their body, to have the energy to perform daily tasks and hobbies, and to enjoy an overall feeling of well-being and happiness. Having a partner on the journey to being healthy and well can provide a system of support and advice where needed.

Q: What if I am skeptical about how Wellness Coaching can work for me?

A: Come chat with us. We don’t bite. Sometimes a simple conversation can clarify a lot. Your perspective on your own health differs from everyone around you. Feel free to come in and chat anytime you have questions about the process or your own health goals.

Q: What brings clients to Wellness Coaching?

A: Individuals work with a Wellness Coach for a variety of reasons. For some, the motivation to make health changes, but the feeling of “where do I start?” will bring them in. Others, they recognize a need for change, are making the changes, and just need a nudge to get through a barrier. For others, it may be doctor prescribed. Whatever your reason, it may be worth coming in to see if Wellness Coaching is something you can use to help achieve healthy goals in your life.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare?

A: The only thing that you really need to be prepared with is your perspective on your health goals.  Other than that, Wellness Coaching is just an open conversation where you and your coach will figure out the direction together.

Q: What is coaching not?

A: Although Wellness Coaches are trained to discuss just about every topic related to your help, there are circumstances where seeking help from another qualified professional would be in your best interest. If you are currently working with a doctor, therapist, or any other professional and just need help with reaching the goals you have set with them, we can definitely be there for you. There are times that your needs may be outside of the scope of a Wellness Coach and in that case we may refer you to another professional.

Q: What can a Wellness Coach help with?

A: Wellness Coaching encompasses every area of health. Some of the possible behavior changes that could interest someone who has decided to work with a Wellness Coach are a balanced lifestyle, healthy eating, making exercise a priority, weight management, stress, sleep, time management, and so many more. Every goal looks different to every individual. A Wellness Coach is there to have the conversation that you want to have about health, whatever the subject may be. Click on our Wellness Wheel to see the aspects of life that could be part of your Wellness Coaching sessions:

wellness wheel

Q: How many sessions are necessary?

A: That’s up to you. For some individuals, a series of sessions is helpful to work on their health goals. At the same time, it is definitely not necessary for everyone. At least one follow-up is suggested from the perspective of goal-setting, but you’re the boss.  

Last Updated: 12/28/17