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Well Coaching

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Have you ever wanted support to eat healthier, exercise more, reduce stress, sleep better, or reach some other health-related goal? Wellness Coaching can be that support to meet your goal that may lead to living a healthier life! 

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Well Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

Individual Well Coaching

  • Wellness Coaching is a one-on-one collaborative conversation where a certified coach will partner with you to help you achieve personal physical and mental well-being goals relating to your overall health.
  • The conversation is determined by the goals of the individual and can include a variety of health-related topics, including exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress, life satisfaction, healthy behaviors that can lead to weight management, and many others. 

What to expect from your first session:

Every session (about 30 minutes long) is a bit different but most will follow this basic format:

  1. Each session we will ask you to take a minute to fill out a survey to assess the reason that you chose to come in for a Wellness Coaching session and your current health status.
  2. Next, your Wellness Coach will facilitate a conversation where you will discuss your goals, any relevant obstacles, and possible options for ways to accomplish the desired goal. Both the coach and the individual will be involved in the process.
  3. Finally, you and your coach will determine a way forward. After exploring options for accomplishing a goal, a specific and measurable goal will be decided on and the need for future sessions will be considered.  

Cost: The first visit is free! Then $15 for a package deal of 4 individual sessions OR $5 for each individual session 

Scheduling an Appointment: Well Coaching is not offered in the summer semesters but call the Center for Student Wellness at 801-581-7776 or email to be put on our contact list for well coaching in the fall semester.  

Any other questions? See Well Coaching Frequently Asked Questions or feel free to call our office anytime at 801-581-7776. 

Last Updated: 1/3/19