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Prime for Life

Prime for Life is a course designed to provide students with information to make low risk choices. The program covers the physical and mental effects of alcohol and other drugs, risk factors associated with high risk use and help students learn ways to prevent future problems.


Find a Prime for Life DUI class.

Upcoming Classes

  • SUMMER SESSION (Note: There is only *ONE* class held during the summer, split over 2 days. You must attend both sessions.)
    • Date and time: Wednesday and Thursday, July 18 and 19 @ 2 pm to 5 pm
    • Location: Hub classroom of ESLC (Student Life Center)
    • Cost: $75 for University of Utah students *OR* $100 for other college/university students. Payment is due at the beginning of the first class. Cash or checks only. Checks can be made out to "Center for Student Wellness”.
    • Other info: Class participants can bring food to class. We will provide all instructional materials. 
  • FALL SEMESTER (Note: We only hold three classes during the fall semester; each is split over 2 days. You must choose a class and attend both sessions.)
    • Date options: 
      • October 22 and 23 (Monday and Tuesday)
      • November 14 and 15 (Wednesday and Thursday)
    • Time: 3 pm to 6 pm - same for each class meeting
    • Location: Hub classroom of ESLC - same for each class meeting
    • Cost: $75 for U of U students; $100 for other college/university students

To Register

Call the Center for Student Wellness at (801) 581-7776 or send an email to

Note: The registration deadline is 5:00pm on Friday the week prior to when the class is held. We reserve the right to cancel the class if less than six participants register.


Letters of completion are issued at the conclusion of the course. It is your responsibility to give the letter to the appropriate sanctioning body (whoever asked you to take the course).

Last Updated: 10/15/18