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Wellness Advocate Certificate

What is a Wellness Advocate?

A Wellness Advocate (WA) supports fellow students in leading balanced lives.  They understand that health and wellness are fundamentally important to success and fulfillment on and off campus. With a foundational knowledge about wellness issues affecting college students, WAs are able to listen to concerns, communicate basic information about wellness, and refer students--who need information beyond the WA scope--to the approriate resources. Wellness Advocates will have the capability of making a positive impact on their peers' wellness--all seven dimensions of it!

As a Wellness Advocate, your role is to:

  • Understand basic information about collegiate wellness 
  • Advocate for the wellness of your peers without judgment
  • Listen to your peers
  • Refer peers to the appropriate campus resources
  • Be aware of the limits of your scope of knowledge 


Our Wellness Advocate certificate program has transformed into one streamlined session of interactive education and skill-building. It provides an introductory look at collegiate health and wellness, why it's important, and the factors that hinder students from maintaining a their wellness in a balanced way. 

Our Wellness certificate program is designed to engage and help you learn how to use your newfound knowledge to advocate for others... and it's a great resume booster! It is offered to U of U students ONLY.

This certificate is FREE. It is not associated with your transcripts and we do not give college credit for it.


Check back soon for Spring 2019 training dates.


To register for our modules call the office at 801-581-7776 or email

Last Updated: 1/3/19