Do you want to get involved with the Center for Student Wellness? There are a number of ways to engage, including internships, volunteering, and becoming an ACES peer health education scholar.


Please contact the Center for Student Wellness to learn about our internship program and any openings.

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The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)

A student volunteer group at the University of Utah, who aims to promote physical, social, emotional, intellectual, financial, environmental, and spiritual health on campus.

SHAC members:

  • Assist with health education events, like STI testing clinics, tabling events, Wellness Fairs, and more!
  • Educate students on basic health + wellness information.
  • Conduct outreach by tabling and through social media.

To become a SHAC member, you must:

  • Meet with our Center for Student Wellness Team.
  • Become a Wellness Advocate (ongoing trainings through the year).
  • Attend monthly SHAC meetings.
  • Volunteer for a minimum of 3 events each semester or 5 hours a month.

SHAC meets the 3rd week of each month. For spring semester meeting dates, contact us:
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ACES Peer Health Education

Mission Statement

Empowering students to commit to their health and wellness through peer education

What We Do

ACES peer health educators are essential in disseminating health & wellness information to the U of U campus community. We specialize in an area of wellness (i.e., sexual wellness, harm reduction, or violence prevention) and develop, implement, and evaluate programming for peers. We collaborate in small and larger teams to create meaningful ways for our peers to think about their health and wellness. Some of these ways include:

  • Facilitating wellness workshops & trainings
  • Tabling to increase outreach
  • Staffing mobile health clinics
  • Providing peer-to-peer wellness counseling



Marissa Castillo

Violence Prevention

Marissa Castillo

Violence Prevention
Major: Health Promotion and Education
Where are you from? Salt Lake City, UT
Favorite Study Spot? Biology Bridge
Favorite Hobby? Traveling
How would you define wellness? Wellness is meeting your personal needs that allow you to live a happy and active lifestyle.

Linda Derhak

Sexual Wellness

Linda Derhak

Sexual Wellness
Major: Health, Society & Policy Where are you from? West Jordan, UT
Favorite Study Spot? Marriott Library Second floor
Favorite Hobby? Baking
How would you define wellness? Wellness is taking care of yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Lexy Nestel

Sexual Wellness

Lexy Nestel

Sexual Wellness
Major: Health Promotion and Education, Minor: Nutrition Where are you from? Ogden, UT
Favorite Study Spot? Marriott Honors Community
Favorite Hobby? Exercising (running, biking, swimming, hiking, skiing...playing Just Dance)
How would you define wellness? When you are doing things you love that make you feel energized, happy, confident, and healthy.

Cathleen Zhang

Harm Reduction

Cathleen Zhang

Harm Reduction
Major: Economics, Sociology
Where are you from? Naperville, IL
Favorite Study Spot? MHC Library
Favorite Hobby? Napping, Reading
How would you define wellness? I think wellness begins with a positive mental state, which influences every single aspect of health.

Are you passionate about the health and wellness of your peers? Join the ACES Scholars Program!

We accept applications each spring for the following academic year. Qualifications include:

  • Enrolled as a full-time student;
  • Graduating at least 1 academic year after starting as an ACES Scholar;
  • Able and willing to attend weekly class meetings along with other course requirements; and
  • You must maintain a grade point average of at least 2.5.

ACES Peer Health Education Scholars - Interest

Are you willing to?
Serve as an ACES scholar for at least one academic year? *
Sign up for two semester-long ACES courses? *
Attend a weekly class meeting? *
Commit to holding office hours per week? *
Facilitate wellness workshops and trainings for your peers? *