Sexual Wellness Services are in Full Swing

Take Charge of your Sexual Wellness!

Grab a mask, your student ID, a friend or partner, and get tested! And order safer sex supplies!  

The Center for Student Wellness' sexual wellness services are in full operation! And if we did not mention it before it is all FREE!  

Here are the services and details you need to know:  

Safe(r) Sex Supplies 

Pleasure Pack Delivery Service (PPDS) is in full operation this semester every week! This service is a free customizable and discrete pick-up service for condoms and lubricants on campus. This service provides free water-based lubes, internal and external condoms, dental dams, and specialized external condoms for a better fit, and latex-free condoms. This service is based on the honor system, so please respect the operation and submit the needed packages. Please submit orders before Tuesdays at midnight, to be able to pick up orders Thursdays afternoon. Be sure to follow instructions and information on the request form and as always request as many packages as needed! 

HIV/STI Testing - Healthcare Service, so Face Masks are Required 

Drop-In HIV Testing will begin on September 16th. This service is free every Tuesday from 12 PM to 2 PM, so please wear a mask and drop-in at ESLC 2100 which is the third floor after the weights, and before the fitness classes. This service is done by a confidential Center for Student Wellness staff member. The HIV test requires a mouth swab, and results are communicated within 25 minutes. We also provide an optional sexual wellness counseling session and provide referrals for additional needs.  

Mobile STI Testing Clinics are back! This service is free and offered three times per semester. We have all three clinics scheduled for the fall semester of 2021. Please bring a face mask, your student ID, a friend or partner to get tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea. The clinics are operated by Center for Student Wellness staff and peer-health educators. The test requires a urine sample and positive results are communicated within 7 days. We also provide an optional sexual wellness counseling session and share additional resource needs. 

We prioritize the health of students and our sexual wellness services are our strongest pillar to provide access and inclusive wellness services. As always, the Center for Student Wellness staff and ACES Peer Health Educators are here and ready to provide support for your wellness journey!  

Please refer to our website for all services such as HIV/STI Testing, and Safe(r) Sex Supplies.