Recovery at the U

By Matthew Downes, Recovery Program Coordinator

Thanks to a band of students and staff who envisioned a campus recovery-centered community in 2016, we now have the presence of a collegiate recovery community here at the U. That group of advocates in 2016 understood how impactful inappropriate substance use can be to a student’s overall wellness and the importance of support. Our goal is to honor the integrity of those who came before us by furthering the mission of assisting students who may benefit from a recovery-centered community. 

Recovery at the U’s purpose is to provide a safe space to assist students who are in and/or support recovery from substance use.  One way we can assist is by providing referrals and resources of additional help - from on campus professionals to local recovery advocates. The safety and wellbeing of our students is our top priority; we aim to provide our students with the best resources possible. In addition, we provide a supportive community, as it plays a significant role in authenticating one's recovery. 

Recovery at the U is not a clinical treatment program, but rather a recovery support service.  We do not offer therapy or medical services, however, we are happy to give referrals. Our community is versatile and offers differing levels of recovery involvement, so students can achieve academic success while enjoying a genuine college experience. All students are welcome to come to events and activities whether they are in recovery or not. 

To keep this community student-centered, we offer engagement positions for students to run and operate several aspects of the community. There are no required lengths of sobriety to become a member of Recovery at the U. Our student leadership positions will be required to go through an onboard training process. This is to cultivate leadership skills and follow proper procedures to better ensure the quality and professionalism of our leaders. 

It is an exciting time to become a member of recovery at the U! Recovery is worth it. We want to support you in creating the best possible future.  

“Addiction is giving up everything for one thing, recovery is giving up one thing for everything.” - Unknown 

We are excited to further the hopes and dreams of those founding members in 2016 and bring about what they saw as an important need for this university. We hope for you to join us in our cause to support those in or seeking recovery. Be a part of a community focused on support, leadership, opportunities, and most of all fun! 

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