Physical Wellness: How to Remain Active While Staying at Home

Given these current unprecedented times regarding COVID-19, our daily routines have been rocked to their core. One of the many things that has probably changed drastically for most is how we are approaching our physical health.

The Center for Student Wellness values cultivating a culture of wellness. We take a look a wellness through a holistic approach. This week, we focus on physical wellness and how we can all stay active while at home.

Words from LIndsay, our Newest Health Educator

As a health educator, I embrace a holistic idea of wellness that encompasses multiple dimensions ranging from physical to emotional to environmental (and everything in between), as well as the philosophy that none of us can be perfect in all dimensions at once. It’s all about finding balance, which can look different depending on where life is pulling us and what our current priorities are.

Right now, COVID-19 has a lot of us are feeling out of balance with so many changes and uncertainty in the world. We might not be able to focus on wellness in the way we used to, particularly with new time restrictions and/or limited access to our go-to methods of self-care and activity. While physical wellness is far from the only dimension impacted by current events, finding time (and motivation) to be active each day can go a long ways towards helping reduce stress, feel connected to the environment, and contribute to an overall feeling of wellness. And we’re to help with that – keep an eye on the Wellness Blog and our @UofUWellness Instagram page over the next few days as our ACES peer educators talk about how they’re staying active during these unprecedented times.


Lindsay Wetzel-Polin is CSW's newest Health Educator. With her background in the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity, she brings a great emphasis on maintaining our physical health, caring for the mind-body connection, and so much more. When she's not at work, you can find her exploring the mountains on her bike, parked at a local coffee shop with a pastry, or living #catmom life at home with her two adorable floofs.