One Chapter Closes, Another Begins

One Chapter Closes, Another Begins: Saying Goodbye to our Grads and Hello to our New ACES Peer Health Educators 

By Center for Student Wellness Team 

As the school year comes to a close, we bid adieu to our senior ACES, and wish them the best of success in their next adventure. We also welcome our newest ACES Peer Health Educators to the team and begin preparing for our return to campus next fall. As one chapter closes, another beings. It’s onward and upward for all.  

To the class of 2021, we are so proud of you! Daniela, Farah, Fig, Indigo, johnny, and Leslie, we thank you for sharing your energy, creativity, and personality as a committed ACES Peer Health Educator. You’ve shown us and our campus community that through advocacy, community, education, and self-care, students can find support, purpose, and friendship to last a lifetime.  

We are cheering you on and wish you the best in your future pursuits.  

In health, Center for Student Wellness 

Parting words 

Our senior ACES are moving on to do great things! Here’s what they are up to now: 

Daniela Zamora graduated with a BS in Social Work and a minor in Psychology. She will be pursing her Master's in Social Work at the University of Utah with a goal to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and be a therapist. In her free time, there will be a lot of self-care of dancing, hiking and being with her dogs, family and friends. 


Farah Hamouda graduated with a BS in Sociology and a minor in Political Science. She plans to take a year off from school and apply to graduate programs with a goal of becoming a professor. She hopes to travel, paint, and drink lots of lemonade this summer while also spending time with family, friends, and her two cats.




Fig Schwartz graduated with a BS in Health and Kinesiology, with a Community Health emphasis. They’re working at the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health as the Youth Coordinator and plan on catching up on reading now that they’ll have more free time. They also are looking forward to skiing more in the winter. 




Indigo Ambrose Mason graduated with an HBS in Health Society and Policy with a minor in Sociology and an HBS in Gender Studies with a minor in Political Science. They’re planning on taking a break to soak up some desert sun before continuing to research trans and gender-expansive (TGE) sexual and reproductive health (SRH) care practices through an internship at Ibis Reproductive Health. Over the summer, they will also be serving as a teaching assistant for the UofU Family Planning Division's Summer Institute for students (of all levels!). They’re stoked to have the time to backpack, rollerdance, and develop their book art skills, and are eager to experience the world as an adult, try new things, love deeply, and find joy wherever they may be. Once it's safe to learn in person and they feel ready to be a student again, they plan to apply for an MSPH/MSW program with a sexuality/gender emphasis to fulfill the requirements towards becoming an AASECT-certified sexuality therapist for TGE youth.



Johnny Rivera graduated with a BS in Kinesiology. This summer, he plans to stay active by traveling, visiting national parks, learning how to tailor clothing, learning new languages, and spending more time with friends and family. He will also be exploring options and preparing to go to graduate school. 







Leslie Salamanca graduated with a Bachelor’s in Health, Society & Policy and Sociology. She will be taking a year off of school to work full-time in her field and is planning on applying to graduate school to begin a Master's in Public Health in the Fall of 2022. 






Please join us as we welcome 11 new ACES to the team.  

Mental Wellness Team: 


Diana Fierro is from Utah and joins the Mental Wellness Team.
She is currently studying Biology with an emphasis in genetics and genomics.






Madeika Vercella is from Provo, Utah and joins the Mental wellness Team. They are currently studying English Literature. 





Sakina Masud is from Salt Lake City, Utah and joins the Mental Wellness team. She is currently studying both International Studies and Kinesiology.  



Violence Prevention Team: 


Lizzie Wenger is from Salt Lake City, Utah and joins the Violence Prevention team. She is currently double majoring in Environmental and Sustainability Studies and Gender Studies.  






Melody Liu is from Redwood City, California and joins the Violence Prevention team. She is on the Pre-Nursing track.   




Harm Reduction Team: 


Alice Anaya is from Los Angeles, California and joins the Harm Reduction team.  She is majoring in Health Promotion and Education with an emphasis in Community Health. 






Alice Snelling is from Belmont, California and joins the Harm Reduction team.  She is double majoring in Biochemistry and International Studies. 





Bianca Porras Laura is from Lima, Pera and joins the Harm Reduction team. She is currently studying Pre-Nursing with a minor in Health. 





Brenda Payan Medina is from Price, Utah and joins the Harm Reduction team. She is studying Materials Science and Engineering. 



Sexual Wellness Team: 


Ashley Sand is from Seattle, Washington and joins the Sexual Wellness team.  They are double majoring in Psychology and Community Health Education. 






Kinzey Brice is from Hawley, Pennsylvania and joins the Sexual Wellness team. She is studying Kinesiology.