The Campus Contraceptive Initiative is ready to roll out!

One of our ACES Peer Health Educators, Grace Mason, as been involved with University of Utah Health's Department of OB/GYN, dedicating their studies towards sexual and reproductive wellness and justice. They recently wrote an article for @theU on the department's latest program: the Campus Contraceptive Initiative.

Read the feature here!

The Campus Contraceptive Initiative is ready to launch! Appointments are available beginning November 10th.

This program is available to any University of Utah student (you will just have to verbally confirm and provide your uNID at the time of scheduling). The program provides contraceptive counseling and all methods of contraception, including prescriptions and LARC, for free!

Telehealth appointments are available for contraceptive counseling. Patients who receive prescriptions for pills/patches/rings/barrier methods, etc. will receive these methods through the University Pharmacy at one of two in-person pickup locations (University Pharmacy or Sugarhouse) or through mail-order services.

If during the telehealth appointment it is determined that a long-acting method is desired, such as a hormonal or copper IUD or implant, the patient will be subsequently scheduled for an in-clinic appointment at the U clinics (South Jordan, Sugarhouse, Madsen, etc.) for insertion, or removal of a device at any time. This service will be provided at no cost.

Both telehealth and clinic appointments are being provided through the Department of OB/GYN, as well as some volunteers from the College of Nursing and PA school.

To schedule an appointment, please call Chelsea Daniels at 801-213-1398