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Healthy Relationships Month 2023 - February 1st - 28th


For the month of February, the Center for Campus Wellness will be hosting events all about how we can build, maintain, and thrive with supportive connections for Healthy Relationships Month. We want students to know they are loved, they are seen, and they are needed within our community.

The theme for the month is #PiecesofConnection, reminding us that we all have a role to play within our friendships, partnerships, classes, clubs, and campus community.

Everyone at the Center for Campus Wellness is so excited for all the activities planned this month, and we hope that you will join us for whatever you can! Our Instagram, @uofuwellness, is the best place for the latest information but here is a preview of everything to come this month:

Calendar of events

candygrams calendar event flyer

Candygrams | Tuesday, 2/7 from 12 - 2pm at PHC Lobby | Thursday, 2/9 from 3 - 5pm at Kahlert Village Lobby

Interested in gifting a special someone a Candygram? Drop by on Tuesday, February 7th 12-2pm and Thursday, February 9th 3-5pm to put together a unique Candygram and message. Included in the Candygrams are (obviously) candy, resources on healthy relationships, and a unique card deck focused on building strong connections with others.

puzzle pieces event flyer

Puzzle Pieces Tabling | Monday, 2/13 from 12:30 - 2pm & Tuesday, 2/14 from 12 - 2pm | Union Lobby

We all play a piece in connection! Join us during the month of February in a collaborative art display in the Union Lobby. Write down a few words on a puzzle piece and showcase your commitment to improving connection on campus. Drop by on Monday, February 13th Tuesday, February 14th 12-2pm to participate in the art display!

let's talk about sex event flyer

Let's Talk About Sex | Wednesday, 2/15 from 12-1:30pm | SFEBB 3170

Let's talk about the basics of sex, protection, and consent to pave the way for healthy, respectful, consensual, AND pleasurable relationships!

cereal and consent event flyer

Cereal & Consent | Wednesday, 2/22 from 12:30 - 2:30pm | Union East Ballroom

Join the PHEs as we partner with the THEM Ambassadors for a bowl of cereal and conversations about consent, desires, and communication. This is held the same day as the STI clinic, so go and get tested then join us for more fun!

exploring love languages event flyer

Exploring Love Languages | Thursday, 2/23 from 2 - 5pm | ESLC Lobby

Do you know what your love language is? Join us along with several other offices on campus as we explore the different love languages in fun ways and then wrap up the evening with a free yoga class at the rec center! Students are welcome to drop in whenever, but the yoga class will begin at 4:00pm. Prizes and giveaways will be available!

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