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Interpersonal Violence

A healthy relationship is a partnership filled with good communication, boundaries, shared responsibility, honesty, accountability, trust, respect, and support. Most importnanlty, it MUST be violence free. 

If You Are In an Abusive Relationship

If you are in an abusive relationship, if you decide to stay with your partner or not, it’s really important to think about ways you can help to keep yourself safe.

  • Talk with our victim advocate about what you are experiencing and how to create a dating safety plan.  Safety plans can help you to think ahead about what you can do to keep yourself safe during a violent episode.
  • Many acts of physical and sexual violence are crimes; the abuser can be arrested and court ordered in to domestic violence anger management classes.  A judge can also assess if your partner needs be ordered into treatment for drugs or alcohol. Police reports can be very helpful if you need to get a protective order.
  • Protective orders and stalking injunctions (often referred to as restraining orders).  A protective order is a court order that makes it illegal for your partner/harasser from having any type of contact with you, directly or indirectly.  For assistance obtaining a protective order, contact our victim advocate or the Family Justice Center at 801-236-3370.
  • If your home is not a safe place and/or you live with the abuser, consider going to a domestic violence shelter. A shelter is a safe place, they do their best to make it a home-like environment.  If you are bringing children they won’t ask you to share living quarters with anyone else.  For more information regarding the nearest shelter in your area, contact the Utah Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-897-LINK (5465).


Last Updated: 3/22/18