March is Healthy Relationships Month

Written by Mahalia Lotz, Victim-Survivor Advocate  March is Healthy Relationships Month, which can feel like a welcome opportunity to explore as it is a topic that’s not quite as heavy as February’s Stalking Awareness Month. It is a topic we could all spend a few extra minutes on this month. Whether we’re single or in a relationship, or whether we prefer labels or […]

U Giving 2021: Support the Center for Student Wellness

A Student Perspective on the Center for Student Wellness Tayler Bseiso, ACES Peer Health Educator I’ve been volunteering as an ACES Peer Health Educator at the Center for Student Wellness (CSW) for upwards of two years now and if Tayler pre-ACES were to see Tayler now, they would not even recognize themselves. One major change […]

Take the National College Health Assessment

Raise Your Voice, Elevate Campus Health  Jenna Templeton, Assistant Director of Health Education  ANOTHER SURVEY?  Survey fatigue… it’s real. It’s the reason why—every time I call my bank and the automated voice says, “Say ‘yes’ to take a brief survey after your call”—I hold my breath and wait quietly for a live customer service agent to break the silence.  […]

Sex and the C-O-V-I-D

An excerpt of this post was published in @theU, titled, “Dating and partnerships during the pandemic” Sex and the C-O-V-I-D Navigating dating, intimacy, and personal health during a pandemic The first six months of the pandemic were all about getting my bearings. For someone who used to spend thirteen-hour days on campus, (shout out to […]

Stalking Awareness Week

January is Stalking Awareness Month and it’s good timing for us to be addressing this serious issue. As you may have seen in recent reports, rates of stalking have increased significantly on our campus and in the community. Stalking is an important crime to understand. There are many misconceptions about what stalking is, how serious […]


Submitted Anonymously: I started hanging up cardboard signs with the words “You Are Loved” stamped on them 3 years ago. At the time, I was suffering from undiagnosed depression and I was still working on my journey with therapy. I found that when I was most stressed, it would help to hang those signs. It […]

Taking a Deeper Look at our Needs Assessment: Why Cultivating Student Wellness is a Priority

Student Wellness Pre-Pandemic Our students balance a lot: academic study, research, internships, and, if there’s time, a social life and relaxation. On top of that, many of our students are also raising a family and/or working part- or full-time jobs. Each of these commitments demand their time and effort, which can tax their wellness—mentally, emotionally, and physically.   The National College Health […]

Thanksgiving and COVID-19

Note: With Thanksgiving being the first of many celebratory holidays on the horizons, public health officials caution everyone to consider how they can make their festivities as safe as possible. We know choosing to celebrate Thanksgiving away from our loved ones is a difficult decision. The Center for Student Wellness urges our students to make […]

The Campus Contraceptive Initiative is ready to roll out!

One of our ACES Peer Health Educators, Grace Mason, as been involved with University of Utah Health’s Department of OB/GYN, dedicating their studies towards sexual and reproductive wellness and justice. They recently wrote an article for @theU on the department’s latest program: the Campus Contraceptive Initiative. Read the feature here! The Campus Contraceptive Initiative is […]

#uofuDVAM: The Center for Violence Prevention

The Center for Violence Prevention is a recent addition to campus organizations, having launched September 22nd of this year. However, director Dr. Chris Linder has been a part of the University of Utah’s campus for years. Her interest in the study of interpersonal violence has brought her to the realization that previous methods of violence prevention, […]