Let’s Talk about Masculinity

What does it mean to be a man? Does our society still favor gender normative behaviors, or are those stereotypes beginning to dissipate in today’s world?   Although the answer may not be clear, we do know one thing for sure – the expectations society places on men today to be ‘man enough’ have consequences.  For example, a recent report from the Pan American Health Organization revealed that 1 in 5 men will not […]

Marketing & Communication Assistant Transition

Best of Success, Katie! Katie Boonkrataung joined the Center for Student Wellness team as our first Marketing and Communications Program Assistant after graduating from the University of Utah in 2019. As she transitions out of the role to pursue other goals and development, we want to take a moment to thank her for all her work at […]

CSW Welcomes Char Leary As A Victim-Survivor Advocate

Welcome Char Leary! The Victim-Survivor Advocacy program in the Center for Student Wellness (CSW) is growing! We are excited to introduce our new advocate Char Leary (she, her, hers). Char started in May and has already added so much value to the team and her clients with her expertise, experience, and excellence in providing compassionate […]

One Chapter Closes, Another Begins

One Chapter Closes, Another Begins: Saying Goodbye to our Grads and Hello to our New ACES Peer Health Educators  By Center for Student Wellness Team  As the school year comes to a close, we bid adieu to our senior ACES, and wish them the best of success in their next adventure. We also welcome our newest […]

Finals Season + Self Care

Written by Kay Collins, Graduate Assistant Warm, sunny days are becoming more frequent as the spring semester comes to a close. This semester, finals begin April 29th, and it is typically a busy time for students as projects, papers, and cumulative tests are due.  The purpose of finals is to ensure that you retain the knowledge you’ve worked so hard to gain.  While it […]

CSW Welcomes Myra Gerst As Our First Engagement Coordinator

Welcome Myra Gerst, our First Engagement Coordinator    As you know, the Center for Student Wellness does a lot of work to prevent violence, reduce harm, improve mental health, and support survivors! For the last few years we’ve had what we call, a dream baby, to further this mission more intentionally by engaging with and working alongside men and male-identified students on our […]

Care packages for victim-survivors of sexual assault

The Center for Student Wellness (CSW) and Bennion Center have partnered to host a fund drive to raise money for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Funds will go towards the creation of victim-survivor care packages created by three Bennion Center Scholars Niyera Nyandagaro, Meg Grimshaw and Glen Levinzon. The care packages were created for survivors of interpersonal violence who are supported […]

CSW Welcomes TeMerae As New Health Educator

Five years ago, Center for Student Wellness was a small team of 6 individuals. Fast forward to today, and we are double that number with no signs of slowing down.   CSW has undergone so many changes and transitions in the past five years and each change has allowed for more direction, growth, creativity, and a greater commitment to our work. This continues to be […]

Men’s Mental Health Week

TW: The following blog post discusses suicide, mental illness, and mental health. Around this time two years ago, one of closest childhood friends took his own life. I was completely blindsided. The man I had seen 3 months prior seemed excited for his future, telling stories of college, laughing, and cruising downtown with a big […]

Apply to become an ACES Peer Health Educator!

In the early days of the CSW, there were two staff health educators to provide health education programming and services for the entire student population. That’s 2 people… in charge of providing for nearly 30,000 students. That’s scary math!  Back then, the thought of a peer health education team was merely a dream. It was like a mirage off in […]