Men (and) Mental Health

Content Warning: The following blog post discusses mental health, mental illness, and suicide.  The title of this piece is symbolic in the fact that we usually hear the words “men and mental health” however we thought that the word “and” allows for a disconnect from the problem we are trying to combat and that it […]

Wellness Fair 2021: Take Care of U

Every fall, the Center for Student Wellness shares wellness services that cultivate holistic wellbeing and safety for the campus community. Join the Center for Student Wellness in a celebration of wellness that is centered around you. We acknowledge that everyone’s wellness journey is unique. This year’s Wellness Fair, we are holding space for students to reconnect with the community and strengthen their personal […]

Queering our Understanding of Domestic Violence

Get ready for a blog post full of acronyms! October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM). The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) began observing DVAM back in the ’80s as an effort to get domestic violence (DV) service providers collaborating and problem-solving. Since the ‘80s, advocates have continued mobilizing communities to promote DV awareness […]

Men’s Engagement Program & Introducing Ambassadors

This past month has been an exciting one for our Men’s Engagement Program. For those of you who don’t already know, The Center for Student Wellness recently launched a brand-new program dedicated to intentionally engaging with men across campus in topics such as gender-based violence prevention and mental health. On September 20th we had our first event, Men and #MeToo, and earlier in […]

DVAM 2021

Domestic violence is behavior in a relationship or household—typically within an intimate relationship—that is used to obtain or reinforce power and control over the other party (United Nations). As this year’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) co-chairs, and on behalf of the Center for Student Wellness, we would like to welcome you to a month that […]

Suicide Prevention Month

Suicidal thoughts often have no specific target. They can affect anyone despite their age, gender, or background. Suicidality is a serious symptom of untreated mental illness and has only been aggravated among youth during the COVID-19 pandemic. September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and the Center for Student Wellness are fully dedicated to providing education […]

Wellness Coaching is Here to Support You

WELLNESS COACHING SUPPORTS MENTAL WELLNESS  We have started a new school year with the shadow of the past year and a half still hanging over us. We’ve changed how we work, learn, and socialize. We’ve changed how we shop for groceries, how we pass one another on the street, even how we wash our hands. And we’ve experienced changes in our community: loss of neighbors, dear friends, and loved […]

Sexual Wellness Services are in Full Swing

Take Charge of your Sexual Wellness! Grab a mask, your student ID, a friend or partner, and get tested! And order safer sex supplies!   The Center for Student Wellness’ sexual wellness services are in full operation! And if we did not mention it before it is all FREE!   Here are the services and details you need to know:   Safe(r) Sex Supplies  Pleasure […]

We Welcome Matt Downes as Recovery Program Coordinator

Welcome, Matt Downes! The Center for Student Wellness continues to grow! In expanding our work to prevent violence, reduce harm, improve mental health, and support survivors, we are excited to house the university’s collegiate recovery program, named Recovery @ the U.  Recovery @ the U exists as a community of support for sober students. We would […]

Summer Safety Practices

Summer fun is in full swing! Remember to take precautions to keep you and your loved ones safe while enjoying your favorite summer activities. COVID-19 Considerations This summer is an exciting time as COVID restrictions have relaxed!  As we begin to resume a lifestyle we had prior to the pandemic, we must consider how comfortable […]