THEM Ambassador Recruitment

Over the last 5 months, I have had the absolute pleasure of working with 6 undergraduate students who have made up the Center for Student Wellness’s first ever engagement ambassador cohort. This group of students were recruited at the start of the fall semester and tasked with being leaders in starting conversations related to the […]

Speed Wellness Coaching Event

Ever heard of Wellness Coaching?  Wonder what it can do for you? Come check learn more at Center for Student Wellness’s Speed Wellness Coaching event on Thursday, 2/24 at 1-3 pm in the Union’s West Ballroom. Our Wellness Coaches will be hosting 10- to 15-minute speed sessions where you can experience a one-on-one consultation and […]

The Pleasure Pack Delivery Service: Making Safer Sex Easy and Fun

Have you ever felt like walking into a CVS and picking up some condoms or lube is completely awkward? Well, we’ve got your back! We want to empower everyone to feel confident picking up their safer sex supplies, yet we know it can be intimidating (and expensive!). This is where the Pleasure Pack Delivery Service […]

What to do if you receive a positive result for STI

Center for Student Wellness offer regular mobile STI testing clinics for our students. This is—and always has been! — a popular service with our students and we’re proud to continue offering them.   At our mobile clinics, we test for chlamydia and gonorrhea, two of the most common sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among college-aged individuals. […]

Healthy Relationships Month 2022

Our names are Sakina and Jacob and we are the co-chairs for Healthy Relationships Month. We both work in Center for Student Wellness as an ACES Peer Health Educator (Sakina) and a Men’s Engagement Ambassador (Jacob).  We want to welcome you to Healthy Relationships Month and give you a little bit of background. February gives us the opportunity to reflect on […]

Next Week is Stalking Awareness Week

Next week is Stalking Awareness Week and we are excited to engage with our campus community around this important issue! How much do you know about stalking? Where have you learned about it? For many of us, all we know is what we’ve seen in the media – TV shows, the news, movies and socials […]

We welcome Jessi Burns as a Health Educator

We are so thrilled to welcome our newest team member, Jessi Burns (she/her/hers), to Center for Student Wellness’s (CSW) prevention team!  Jessi is no stranger to collegiate wellness. In fact, she has worked on several college campuses across Utah before joining us here at the U. In her previous roles, she has facilitated group fitness classes, […]

Self-Care is for Busy People Too 

As the semester comes to a close, stress levels naturally rise across campus. Not only that, the winter holiday season is often fraught with worry and brings about mixed feelings among students. Between tending to loved ones and studying for demanding classes, the end of the year can be a bittersweet time for many. During […]

Preparing for Finals Week

Finals week is just around the corner.  We asked our wellness coaches about self-care and prioritizing wellness during this stressful time:  A lot of us are feeling burnt out at this point in the semester. What helpful self-care tips do you have for students as they move towards the end of the semester?  Bekah: In the immortal words of […]

Recovery at the U

Thanks to a band of students and staff who envisioned a campus recovery-centered community in 2016, we now have the presence of a collegiate recovery community here at the U. That group of advocates in 2016 understood how impactful inappropriate substance use can be to a student’s overall wellness and the importance of support. Our goal is to honor the integrity of those who came before us by furthering […]